An overview of the powerful formatting language.

Lessons learned building an ASCII tree folder generator

Stop writing error-prone URL strings and level up with a JavaScript object for manipulating URLs in code.

const url = ''; 
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => console.log(data));

Level up with an advanced HTML element to help you create options lists for text inputs

My firsthand experience with the “Social Credit” system in the Peoples’s Republic of China.

Re-write your scrolling functions for better performance.

credit: Denys Nevozhai,
  1. Sticky navigation bars
  2. Live table of contents
  3. Some scrolling effects

A library for Serverside-rendered React, with data from a .NET Core backend.

Level up as a web developer by using more advanced HTML markup


The most common headers that you will need to recognize as a web developer to communicate fluently with a remote API.

Use semantic HTML to make your web page easier to understand for users of your site who don’t look like you.

Alex Zito-Wolf

Product Manager + Software Developer. Interested in Travel, Culture, and the Internet.

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