Chinese HSK4 Grammar Points

Coincidence with “zhènghào” 正好

Sometimes we want to express that a verb happened coincidentally. For example compare these two sentences:

“I was about to call you”

“I was just about to call you”

The second sentence captures the surprise that preceded the call. In english we are able to express a coincidental verb with the word “just”, but in chinese the same concept is represented by zhènghào 正好。

Take these examples:


Wǒ zhènghǎo yào chūqù le.

I was just about to leave.

他正好问了我想问的问题 。

Tā zhènghǎo wèn le wǒ xiǎng wèn de wèntí.

He happened to ask the question that just I wanted to ask.


Zhènghǎo nà liǎng zhī māo dōu hēisè de.

Those two cats both happened to be black.

In this way you can convey to people the coincidental nature of some of the actions you take every day. 我正好要走了。

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