CSS Structural Concepts

Paradigms for Organizing your CSS in 2021

Modular CSS. Credit: topta


Image result for smacss
├── Layouts
│ └── grid.css
├── Modules
│ ├── header.css
│ ├── footer.css
│ └── card.css
├── Themes
│ ├── dark.css
│ └── light.css
└── Base
└── variables.css


Structure vs. Skin

Container vs. Content

Presentational vs. Semantic Class Names


The BEM Batman (underscore included) credit: smashingmagazine.com
.byline {}
.byline__name {}
.byline__title {}
.byline__picture {}
.byline--expanded {}
.byline--expanded__bio {}

Using these concepts in tandem

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