Does it bother you that your nations leaders are pushing for escalations with a nuclear superpower while you are sitting at your computer writing scathing un-constructive posts on medium?

Talk show hosts are actively teaching millions of people about the issues that are facing us in the modern world. So what if they use comedy (and possibly some dicks and butts) to do it?

How would you choose to educate people? How would you get them to listen?

Every. Single. Source of information has a bias. Trevor Noah is biased. John oliver is biased. Every human being has an agenda, but I think that the medium of comedy news is an honorable one. In the face of a desperate situation, would you rather get upset, angry and scared, or would you rather laugh at it?

I have a feeling that have already chosen anger and sarcasm as your vehicle for garnering support and attention from your readers, but maybe it’s not your place to judge people for using comedy.



Product Manager + Software Developer. Interested in Travel, Culture, and the Internet.

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