English Study App for Chinese Middle School Students

UX Research and Core Concept

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The students.

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In short:

Teens may tend to overthink problems and get stuck in taking decision, so we should provide opportunities for decision making but not overload them with options

Teens like to curate and produce high quality artifacts, so we should provide them with a simple but good level of customization

Teens are becoming very self-conscious about themselves, we should celebrate their individuality, and focus on situations and context

The Parents

In short:

Parents are highly involved, so they will need to know exactly when and how much their child should use the product.

Parents are performance focused, so they should be given a clear rubric on what constitutes successful use.

Parents are protective, so they need to know any risks of using the application before they use it.

Educational Technology

In short:

All of these concepts should be utilized in the app, to maximize word recollection and overall subject mastery

The Concept

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Avoid over-gamification.

Create engaging exercises.

Breaking these patterns:

The Core Concepts

Freedom and Control.

Quality vs quantity.

Mobile-first design.

Contemporary Ed-Tech.

Parents should be involved.

Initial Prototypes

Initial balsamiq mockups

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